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December 09, 2017
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Green Outlet: Committed to the environment and community

In addition to furniture and appliances, Green Outlet in Honesdale, PA also offers smaller items like plates and bowls and home décor.
Photos by Isabel Braverman

By Isabel Braverman

Married couples Mary and Jack Dinan and Lauren and Roy Schlagenhaft decided to open their business three years ago because they saw a need for it in the area. The business is Green Outlet in Honesdale, PA—a store that sells new and used furniture, appliances, décor and more.

Amid the many chairs and tables in rows around me, and light fixtures hanging above my head, I recently sat down with the two women of the four-person team to talk about their store. It felt like a wonderland of home furnishings, an interior decorator’s dream.

“We felt that Honesdale could use this kind of a store, that it was a good idea [because of the trend] to repurpose and recycle. There were some similar stores leaving, and we thought there was a need,” said Lauren. Most of the items in their store are recycled. They buy things from individuals and contractors, as well as from closeouts, discontinued items and estate sales. Mary said they source from a wide array of places and avenues. They have dressers, kitchen and dining room sets, washers and dryers, bathtubs, mirrors, and small things like tins, plates, boxes; the list goes on. “You could buy a tiny thing for 50 cents here, or you could buy a kitchen. We have something for everybody,” said Mary.

True to its name, Green Outlet is a green business. I asked Mary and Lauren about how their store is sustainable, and they both said it’s because the things in their store would have otherwise ended up at the dump/in the trash. “Things that normally would get thrown in the dumpster have a chance at being reused,” said Lauren. “I can’t imagine how much we’ve actually saved from being tossed in a landfill.”

The pair also said that a lot of people who come to their store buy things to repurpose. Mary said someone came in recently looking for a countertop and instead bought a table to make into one. “We love when people are clever about things. It’s heartwarming,” she said. Lauren added, “Some of our customers are extremely clever, and it’s great. They bring us pictures of things they’ve done. It’s very cool.”

They said that if you are looking for something specific, they will take your name and contact you if anything comes up. They also make a point of stocking the store with items they know people want.