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December 12, 2017
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Letters to the Editor August 25

August 24, 2016

Non-GMO vs. organic

Your editorial, “DARK Act to be challenged,” (Aug. 11-17) reminded me of an NPR report broadcast on WJFF just a few days earlier. The story explored how, given a choice between products labeled non-GMO and those labeled USDA certified organic, consumers are more likely to buy non-GMO products, which tend to be less expensive.

However, the report pointed out, products labeled “non-GMO” may be farmed or processed with pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, other chemical additives and without regard for animal welfare.

A non-GMO label indicates only that a product contains no genetically modified ingredients; it does not mean that the product has any of the benefits of one labeled “certified organic.”

To read the whole NPR story, visit dowp.

Marcia Nehemiah
Lackawaxen, PA

Careful what you wish for

One could argue—if one were so inclined—that the home rule overreach that created the framework for the ban on fracking—i.e., every little town in NY can ban or allow gas drilling within its borders—will slow or even kill solar development as each town, each board, each body public can endlessly debate the impact of solar arrays.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just develop a statewide set of rules that business, communities and utilities could work from? The unintended consequence of the home rule overreach will most likely slow solar arrays to a fraction of their projected statewide dirty energy replacement, while the state and world does the slow burn from global warming.

One of those “careful what you wish for” things.

Charles Petersheim
Eldred, NY

No salvation via Hillary or Donald

Remember Jonah and the whale from the holy bible? If you are a person around 30 or under you probably don’t know the story. That is how much our country has changed for the worse. Instead of sharing our faith and telling of the great things Jesus has done for us and our nation with the newcomers to the U.S.A. from all over the world in the last few decades we have slowly pulled back from and cut Jesus out of our national and personal life. Why? The Lord was cut out as to not offend. Since when is “not being offended” more important than sharing Love and Truth? Have we become confused or distracted with politics, New Age thinking, Islam, atheism, technology, etc. and forgotten our nation’s heritage, our grandparents’ faith, or lost our own way like the prodigal son in the parable?