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December 14, 2017
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Letters to the Editor February 25

February 24, 2016

Country retreats near a compressor station?

Once again Chuck Petersheim seems to feel he is the sole bearer of truth about the natural gas industry. He backs up his assertions with few facts, but with a combination of personal smear, industry spokesman mimicry and name calling. Astoundingly, he seems to have a blind trust that we will be protected by the gas companies. He seems to believe that an industry that cares all about profits, and little else, will magically be concerned with our health and economic welfare.
If he is so certain there will be no harmful economic effects from a highly industrial natural gas facility in our rural area, I have a challenge for him: He touts himself as a successful builder of country homes “perfect for a Catskill Mountain getaway.” As demonstration of his faith in the gas industry, he should buy the properties near the proposed facility and build his ideal country homes there, to be sold after the compressor is up and running.

I wish, rather than attacking everyone, he would place a more positive spin on his ideas. I suggest all future ads for his business should include the following words: “Catskill Farms is a builder of the finest country retreats and proudly supports hydrofracking and the Highland compressor station.” That should really boost his sales with people seeking solace in our neighborhood.

I suspect Chuck will not rise to this challenge.

Walter “Bo” Stevens
Eldred, NY