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December 16, 2017
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A week in the country

February 3, 2016

Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary last week, my husband and I managed to carve out a whole week together in the same place. That may not sound challenging for most couples, but I think it is more the norm for dual residents of city and country. He still has a business in the city and I am actively involved in the NACL Theatre in Highland Lake. I’m also planning a renovation of our 1969 kitchen in Narrowsburg. Most weeks we are separated for two or three days. Take note, new couples—this may be the secret to a long marriage! Although, when asked the secret to staying married, I usually say “You have to want to.” It doesn’t just happen.

I could live in the “country” (as city folks call it) year ‘round (well, maybe not February.) The city has its charms, but to me, the charm of being in nature far outweighs them.

But Jim likes to take the subway to Lincoln Center to see the ballet. He loves living across the street from the Brooklyn Museum and the Botanic Garden and running the dogs in the Mt. Prospect dog run in the mornings. And I love all that too. So we have found a way to live both lives and stay married doing it. We know how lucky we are.

When we left the city on Monday, the snow was over two feet deep in Brooklyn. Our little Prius didn’t have snow tires, and it only weighs about 20 pounds unloaded. But almost as soon as we left the city limits, the roads were clear. It was a reverse reality. We arrived as dusk was settling over the Big Eddy in Narrowsburg. The evening’s entertainment consisted of watching MSNBC while cuddling with puppies.

Tuesdays are my rehearsal days at the Narrowsburg Union with NACL. Jim had dog-walking duty—not an easy task with two rambunctious mini-Schnauzer puppies. It’s something we usually do together in the mornings. Later Jim worked on a novel he’s writing and I trolled the Internet for kitchen ideas. He had to remind me that it was our actual anniversary. We had no plans other than being together in the same place, which was fine with me.

By Wednesday I worried that he was getting bored. (I worry that you are too, dear reader.) Otherwise, I was a happy homemaker/kitchen designer. After Narrowsburg Motors put snow tires on the Prius (insuring there will be no more snow this winter), we motored to Designer Kitchens in Honesdale and made an appointment for an in-home consultation. Then I called Woodloch Spa to see if we could get a couples massage to celebrate in style. Because I never plan ahead, we ended up on the waiting list.