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December 12, 2017
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Election Letters: Part II

October 28, 2015

DA endorsements tell a story

District Attorney (DA) Tonkin has repeatedly boasted of a 97% conviction rate. However, statistics submitted by the Pike County Courts to the PA Unified Judicial System show that “his” conviction rate in 2013 (most recent year available) was 73%—right in the middle of all other like-sized Class VI counties. No bragging rights there.

But, a DA can’t win a case without first receiving a strong, well-investigated case from law enforcement. It is very telling that our local and state law enforcement officers have outright rejected Tonkin’s bid for re-election with their enthusiastic endorsement of his opponent, Kelly Gaughan. My dad served as DA in Crawford County, PA for eight years before becoming the president judge of common pleas. As DA, he relied upon a strong working relationship with the state and local police. It wasn’t unusual to have a trooper sharing coffee with Dad at our kitchen table. He told me that he could not do his job as DA without them. He once took me to the local state police barracks to meet the men and women with whom he worked. Even at the young age of 10, I could see that the officers respected and admired my father, and that he, too, respected them.

The truth of the quality of his relationship with law enforcement was born out years later at my father’s memorial service when many of those officers, most now retired, shook my hand warmly and spoke earnestly of their admiration for my dad. As we consider our choices for DA, we should pay attention to the important nuance of law enforcement’s rejection of DA Tonkin with whom they’ve been working for eight years.

Carrie Thomas
Shohola, PA

Gieger speaks up for Vetter, Rajsz

Over the last four years, Legislator Kitty Vetter has worked hard to move forward many reforms in county government. I have come to respect her willingness to reach out, in a bipartisan manner, to address the tough issues and provide accountability of our tax dollars.

Kitty Vetter has represented the people of Sullivan County well.

A vote to re-elect Kitty Vetter for Sullivan County Legislator for district 3 on November 3 is a vote for bipartisanship, open and accountable government and a change in business as usual.

I also encourage you to vote for Nadia Radjz our next Sullivan County Legislator for district 2. Nadia is clearly the right choice for Sullivan County Legislator. Fiscal responsibility, honesty and a proven bipartisan leader is what our county needs.

This Election Day, vote for change that will count.