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‘Fishy’ wins Golden Hook Award

September 30, 2015

LIVINGSTON MANOR, NY — At the upcoming Hall of Fame dinner on Saturday, October 10, at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center, Jay “Fishy” Fullum will receive this highly coveted award recognizing an individual who maintains and keeps alive the art and craft of fly tying. For over 20 years, Fishy, as most people know him, has written for FlyTyer magazine and many other publications, provided demonstrations and presentations at over 100 flyfishing shows, traveled the country doing seminars, and always has enough time to stop and share his knowledge with a newcomer at any age. He is literally a master of turning trash into treasure. Known to rummage through garbage, wander the aisles in the supermarket and craft stores, pick up scraps found in dumps and on sidewalks, he seems to turn dust into flyfishing gold that catches fish. He continues to be innovative, eclectic, interesting and certainly talented. If Poul were here, he would certainly find Fishy deserving of recognition.

Before his unexpected death in November 2004, world-recognized fly tyer, Poul Jorgensen, was working on a new award for innovations in fly tying called The Golden Hook Award. Jorgensen worked with noted sculptor, the late Bud Wertheim, to create a bronze medallion for the award. According to Wertheim, “the medal was initially commissioned by Poul Jorgensen. Poul died before the medals were cast. The final design was completed and cast by my own decision. He had not wanted his own image on the face of the medal, but I thought he deserved full recognition for his contribution to fly tying. I made many sketches of him while he visited my studio, and I used them for the final portrait, which has been deemed by Jim Krul, the executive director of the museum and a close personal friend of Poul’s to be extremely accurate with a sense of his humor and wit.”

You can meet Fishy prior to the Hall of Fame ceremony in the museum where he will have a display of his original artwork and his books, as he tinkers with all sorts of fun materials behind the vice.