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December 17, 2017
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Helping those who help

A peregrine falcon is treated for Bumblefoot at the Delaware Valley Raptor Center (DVRC) in Milford, PA. One of the most serious diseases of birds of prey, bumblefoot is an infection of the foot that tends to be progressive and can become disabling. DVRC’s indoor clinic, which includes X-ray, darkroom and quarantine facilities, a lab for blood and fecal sample analysis, and space for surgery, sustained damage during a fire earlier this month. Until it is repaired, no new birds can be admitted.
TRR photos by Sandy Long

January 28, 2015

Two of the most selfless and dedicated individuals serving the Upper Delaware River region have unexpectedly found themselves in need of support following a fire at the Delaware Valley Raptor Center (DVRC) in Milford, PA on January 8. The fire occurred at the home of raptor rehabilitators Bill and Stephanie Streeter. While no people or animals were injured, an indoor clinic and equipment located within the house sustained damage. Outdoor facilities and the resident birds were not affected.

A second facility in the Pike County Park houses additional birds. Between the two locations, up to 50 falcons, hawks, owls, vultures and eagles receive care. The Streeters have dedicated themselves to the welfare of wild raptors since founding the non-profit DVRC in 1987, treating countless birds of prey and delivering numerous educational programs throughout the tri-state region to foster greater appreciation and respect for all wildlife.

The couple is currently displaced from their home and conducting business from a nearby hotel, while traveling back and forth to tend the resident birds. The DVRC is temporarily closed until repairs to the facility and equipment have been made. DVRC can not currently accept injured birds until further notice.

Primary funding for the center comes from education programs, memberships and donations, as DVRC receives no federal or state funding. If you or your organization have enjoyed or benefitted from one of Bill’s dynamic and informative presentations, now would be a great time to show your support, as insurance will not cover all losses, including lost program revenue. Become a member or renew your membership now.

And please consider a donation to help restore this great wildlife resource to our region as quickly as possible. Winter is especially hard on wildlife, and not a good time to be without the services of the DVRC. Write “Fire Fund” on your check made payable to DVRC and mail it to 416 Cummins Hill Rd, Milford, PA 18337. Visit www.dvrconline.org to learn more.