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Few clouds
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December 11, 2017
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Early Morning

Photo by Amanda Reed

By Patricia Kett

I walk early in the morning
at first light, the sun in promise.
I move into the world a blank slate,
listen to the sounds
aware of the smells
open to the surprises
of the awakening earth
joining the scene of a leftover dream.

The ground’s energy
moves into my body
joining the air in my lungs.
Trees, my protectors
allow me to breathe.
Smaller plants share
their blooms or fruit.
Grasses, too numerous to name,
lichen, moss, mushrooms born of dampness,
scorned by those who decide what’s needed.
I think therefore I choose?
Or do I only think I choose.
I begin to run
because I still can
because it improves my heart
because they say so
whose minds will change
with the next funded study.
I feel good when I run,
my blood vessels open
my leg muscles move
in perfect rhythm with
my heart, my breath, my thoughts,
the day fills with promises
to keep or not.