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December 11, 2017
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Spring clean your closet

Success! Organization complete and it feels good. Now it’s time to reward yourself, perhaps a shopping spree?
TRR photos by Isabel Braverman

By Isabel Braverman

Spring is the season of renewal and birth. It is a time when we get a fresh start in our lives, and the ever-popular phrase “spring cleaning” enters our vernacular (and hopefully our activity). If you’re anything like me, you often throw things into your closet without really paying any attention; it’s the ideal throw-stuff-in-and-shut-the-door kind of space. You might find yourself looking at your closet and shaking your head or averting your eyes from the horror. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s time to tackle that project and spring clean your closet. If I can do it, you can do it too! Below are tips and tricks that I gathered from my research and also from doing it myself.
I hope this serves as inspiration.

Set aside time
This is possibly the most important step, and definitely the one that should be done first. While you might find yourself getting a burst of motivation one day and begin to dig into the mess, you never know what obstacle you might encounter: you have to run to the grocery store, or go to that appointment. Look at your calendar and allot a time when you know you won’t have anything else going on for about two hours, and give yourself time to go through your entire wardrobe. Also, while this might seem like an arduous task, and certainly one that you may have been avoiding, I dare you to try and make it fun. Play some music and get inspired.

Make piles
As you go through your closet, take each item off the hanger and divide clothes into “yes,” “giveaway,” and “throwaway” piles. I cannot tell you how helpful making piles will be.

Make a shopping list as you go along
Plan ahead and make a spring shopping list as you go through your closet (then pat yourself on the back for thinking ahead). Ask yourself these questions: What do I have too much of and not enough of? Do I have a color palette for spring? Or a particular style in mind? Are there any spring trends that I want to try out? Do I find I have too many work clothes and not enough dress clothes (or vice versa)? Be specific when you write your list, for example: mid-length black dress, or lavender button-down shirt.

Follow the “two year rule”

If you haven’t worn it in two years, into the giveaway pile it goes. If it has sentimental value, like a wedding dress or college sweatshirt, but you never wear it, don’t keep it in your closet. Make sure it’s clean and store it properly in a box.