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Clear sky, light snow
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December 14, 2017
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Copyrighted photo by David B. Soete

RIVER VALLEY — As many people know by now, founding father Ben Franklin thought more highly of the American Turkey than the American Bald Eagle and wrote as much in a letter home from France in 1784.

Sullivan County cuts workers

When we turn on the lights on January 1, 2012, we’ll be close to $11.5 million in the hole; so while we sit here and struggle with $2 million today, you can multiply that by five, and that does not take into account health insurance increases, pension increases, or cuts in funding from Albany. So as difficult and wrenching as this is, the task has just begun. The rhetoric needs to be toned down.”  Read more

Proposed regs provoke responses

NARROWSBURG, NY — Impassioned outbursts are fairly frequent occurrences during regional discussions of natural gas exploration in the Upper Delaware region these days. Upper Delaware Council (UDC) meetings are no exception and the release of the Delaware River Basin Commission’s (DRBC) Draft Natural Gas Development Regulations has prompted a flurry of concerns related to the process for making public comment on the new regs.  Read more

Another week, another snowstorm

REGION — Another storm blew through the region on February 8, dropping more snow and straining the salt and sand budgets of municipalities in the area and the Northeast. This plow worked Route 55 in the Town of Bethel, NY.  Read more

Tomatoes, fish and energy at the landfill

The idea of tapping the gas created in the capped landfill in Monticello has been broached in the past, but this time around, the proposal is proposed as a part of a larger plan to transform the acreage around the landfill and the adjacent abandoned Apollo Plaza shopping mall into a use that can produce revenue for the county.  Read more

County court system considered

In March, the residents of the Village of Liberty will vote on whether they want to dissolve the village court and let the cases and court functions be absorbed by the Town of Liberty court. Members of the town board have indicated that they are not so enthusiastic about that possibility, but if the voters vote to dissolve, the town won’t have any choice.

Three members of the village board want the court to be dissolved because it runs a deficit somewhere above $28,000 per year.  Read more

Yoga café closing awakens community

About 40 devotees of the Himalayan Institute Café on Main Street gathered on January 15 to discuss what the community can do to replace or to continue this center that the institute is closing by month’s end.

A lot of the discussion initially centered on the importance of the institute’s café and three-story building to the economic health of the Honesdale business community.  Read more

Towns bring legal experts to region

Two New York towns—Highland and Lumberland—have teamed up to learn how to pursue possible legal protections against the impacts of natural gas extraction and have invited two legal firms specializing on the topic to present information to the public on February 19 at the Eldred Central School.

“Gas drilling is a hot topic right now,” said Glen Goldstein, member of the Highland Planning Board and chair of Highland’s new energy and environment committee. “Our job is to get smarter and to report back to the town what we learn.  Read more

‘Most endangered river’ named PA’s River of the Year

REGION — The Delaware River, identified by the national organization American Rivers in 2010 as the nation’s most endangered river due to the threats posed to it by natural gas extraction, has now been named Pennsylvania’s River of the Year for 2011.  Read more

Himalayan Yoga Café to close

News of the closing of the Himalayan Institute’s Yoga Café on Main Street sent shocks reverberating through the local community well beyond Honesdale.

Bonnie Robinson’s reaction was typical of many others who frequented the café over the eight years of it history. “This is the hub of my joy. What am I going to do? Where will I go? I am a teacher and run a retreat center and purchase many things related to my business here.”  Read more

IDA to post more info on website

For the past few years, Rock Hill resident Dave Colavito has been waging a campaign to have information about projects that receive tax breaks in Sullivan County made more readily accessible to the public. He served on the Sullivan County Charter Review Commission in 2007 and 2008, and that was one of the resolutions of the commission.  Read more

Hessinger building slated for demolition

CALLICOON CENTER, NY — Town officials say it’s an unsafe eyesore that must come down. Tom Ward, an engineer, determined that it is unsafe and the demolition work could be just weeks away.

However, Zeke Boyle, an historic preservation specialist who is certified in New York and Pennsylvania, walked through the building on January 8 and said that while there are some areas that clearly need work, the heart of the building is structurally sound.  Read more

Narrowsburg sale may go to voters

Petitions signed by voters in the Sullivan West Central School District, which may force a voter referendum on the sale of the Narrowsburg School, were delivered to superintendent Dr. Ken Hilton on January 3.

According to Dick Riseling, the resident who had put in a rejected bid to purchase the school, there were 1,255 signatures opposing the sale which, according to everyone involved, is enough to trigger the referendum and, according to Riseling, is 200 more than needed.  Read more

Curtain comes down on Hamish & Henry

LIVINGSTON MANOR, NY — More than one 100 friends and customers crammed into the Hamish & Henry Booksellers store in Livingston Manor on December 30, to share food, door prizes and to show appreciation for the independent bookstore that served the community for seven years.

Owners Sue Barnett and Jeff Christensen opened the store in July 2004 as a small renaissance was sweeping the hamlet and the county. “It’s been a great seven years,” Barnett said.  Read more

Unions say no salary freeze

Saying they will not make any more concessions than they already have, three unions that represent workers in Sullivan County have teamed up to resist wage and benefit freezes instituted by the legislature for the fiscal year 2011.

The unions are: Teamster Local 445, which represents the bulk of the workers; International Laborers Local 17, which represents workers in the Department of Public Works; and the New York State Nurses Association, which represents county nurses.  Read more

Sullivan farmers consider micro dairies

Small dairy farmers in Sullivan County, like dairy farmers across the country, are searching for ways to survive. With milk prices fluctuating wildly from year to year, and the swings driving many small dairies out of business, it’s easy to imagine the remaining dairy farms in Sullivan County will be gone in a couple of years.  Read more