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December 14, 2017
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Our Country Has Been Hit by the Karma Bus

By “the no holds bard” Rev. Up
November 2, 2016

Hillary is there
in the pillory (it seems)
with Trump fast
up her rump (by any means possible) but he’ll get his...

No matter who’ll be coming
to get in, this impossible election being what it is,
is hard to predict... never mind how it is bound
to impact on all of us; alas! and a lack!
Fact is, given each with their own chosen staff out
to stuff it up for the other, produces The Equal
of the image of Bill’s cigar for playing
(like an erection to wit) with Monica
and her country’s honor...

It’s down rather close now to the wire
and no matter what
the outcome may be for us,
as in who will get into the oval office, and how, or why,
it seems to be politically right
to write it off in mind as the state of our sad fate,
and the sooner we come to grips with it, watching by no mistake
this un-hearty change from what’s on our bills
to become “In Good we Thrust,” maybe the sooner our karma will be paid!

I just pray after this, whatever may come of all this, that,
and the other thing, there
is no return of the Donner Party,
because in a way the rich have already started to eat alive the poor
before our eyes!

[rev glenn of trees-kawalek (“rev. up”) is a resident of Honesdale, PA]