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December 11, 2017
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America’s last great threat

October 19, 2016

Fifty-four years ago, America was at the threshold of nuclear war. Cuba was armed with Russian nuclear missiles pointed at America. In October 1962, I was a United States Marine stationed on Boca Chica Island in the Key West Chain, 90 miles from the Cuban/Russian missiles. That was America’s last great threat. I was a patriot then, and at 75 years old I see an even greater threat to our beloved country and our revered way of life.

The new greater threat to the America, today, is Hillary Clinton and her policies regarding immigration and open borders. Hillary advocates the concept of “open borders,” which means that America would be flooded with people whose honesty has not been verified. These people can come from all the countries in South America, Central America and yes, even Canada. These un-vetted people would be permitted to enter the United States without any examination to prove they are not criminals. Yes, criminals could enter the U.S. without any immigration control. Obviously, men, women and children of all ages would surely come.

Hillary’s insane policy of open borders for all individuals and families of the Western Hemisphere would permit anyone from Haiti, Nicaragua, Colombia, Santo Domingo and others to cross our borders and begin to take upon themselves all the benefits afforded to the citizens of the United States. They could do this without having paid any taxes, given a life in the service of this great country, or made any contribution of any kind to improve the U.S.

The worst mistake we Americans can make is to think that open borders is just something that will have no long-term consequences. While most of these open-borders people would bring little or no wealth to support themselves, you and I would be required to pay for their food, housing and clothes while they settle into ghettos, ultimately to become the new Chicagos, while your taxes and mine soar to support Hilary’s irrational dream of a “new” U.S. Of course, she and her political colleagues would have millions of new voters.

If Hillary is elected, she will have no problem in allowing the floodgates to open, with millions of our neighbors calling the U.S. their new home. Not only them, but their future children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Don’t forget to also include in your thinking the hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East. Hillary wants to bring them into the U.S. without adequate documentation. How many terrorists would take advantage of Hillary’s outrageous policy?