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Broken clouds, light snow
Broken clouds, light snow
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December 13, 2017
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Getting Into August

Photo by Amanda Reed

By Sheila Dugan

July 27th
the Universe’s longest day
I feel it

will this day never end I asked myself
I reply

July 28th the usual drone
languidly sits on the
usual bench

the arresting officer
answers dispassionately
the cross-examination

were his pants down
no says the cop
was his zipper undone
don’t know says the cop
was the ground wet
nope says the cop
did you see him urinating
nope says the cop
then I move to dismiss

guilty says
the usual drone
beyond a reasonable doubt

July 29th
I visit Peltier in a room
in prison

he sleeps on the floor in his cell
to keep cool
in the hole

July 30th I write
passionately about
my garden
July 31st I pull up potatoes
a dozen or so for dinner
with guests

my lumpy knees
covered with garden dirt
look like potatoes

Tomorrow will be August
we still have half a summer left
today I will swim in the river