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Broken clouds, light snow
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December 13, 2017
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The Dirt

Photo by Amanda Reed

By Ramona Jan

Although I’m in recovery now, I was glad I was still drinking the Thanksgiving Day after my parent’s divorce. My brother and I decided to invite them to a celebration at his house. We only did this because they swore to us that they would remain friends. Then our father walked in with a date. We know him well enough to see that this was meant as an intentional act to hurt our mother.

My father dated this woman, Peggy (whom he brought that day), thereafter for about two and a half years. One morning, I got a call from him asking me if I wanted to attend a wedding… his wedding. I said, “Oh! Are you and Peggy finally getting married?” His response was, “Peggy? I’m marrying Joan.” I had not heard of Joan, but apparently four weeks earlier, without telling any of us, he switched his affections to someone named Joan. So I went to his wedding to Joan.

My mother has since settled in with a female partner the same age as myself. They make a pretty, feminine and ‘once married with children’ couple. They also fight often in ways that my parents did. My brother and I now meet in secret over most holiday seasons.