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December 10, 2017
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Letters to the Editor November 23

November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving and illegal immigration

Let’s think this through this Thanksgiving.

North America was invaded by illegal immigrants/aliens that conquered and displaced the Native American Indians. Yes? The Spanish were the first Europeans to establish Christian (Roman Catholic) settlements in North America at St. Augustine, in what is now the state of Florida, in 1565. However, the territory that would become the Thirteen Colonies in 1776 was largely populated by Protestants seeking religious freedom from the Church of England. These settlers were primarily Puritans of which the Pilgrims were members. So the American Indians fought hard to keep the Europeans out, but lost from the outside in.

We now face a destruction from the inside out. Yes? I tell you we are rapidly losing our heritage, traditions and even the faith our nation was built on. This Thanksgiving, let’s stop the fighting between political parties and rebuild the USA as brothers and sisters.

Happy Thanksgiving.

God bless America, one nation under God, in God we trust.

John “JP” Pasquale
Livingston Manor, NY

About that privilege

Nowadays, some people seem to think that I am “privileged.” I have been told too often that I have “white privilege” because of the color of my skin. I have also been told I have “heterosexual privilege” because I am a woman who will only have sex with a man.

Enough already! I don’t feel that I have any “privilege” over anyone else, because I worked for everything I have and enjoy in my life.

I didn’t have children before I was married; my husband and I had just one child because that was all we could afford to support for 18-plus years and send to college (our son has a Masters degree).

I am not an alcoholic, I am not a drug addict, I never received any kind of welfare. I have always exercised my right to vote. If I want to protest something, I call or send an email or ask for a meeting. I don’t block traffic, damage property, set fires. And I do not have to justify whom I vote for to anyone.

I certainly don’t feel privileged when I look at my husband’s paycheck and see all the deductions they take for taxes, health insurance, etc. He is randomly drug tested to keep his job (after almost 34 years with his employer). People getting welfare aren’t drug tested to get their checks. My husband does not feel privileged.

When I look at our property tax bills from our town and school district and see almost half of it going to Medicaid and other welfare mandates, I don’t feel privileged.