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December 16, 2017
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Letters to the Editor May 12

May 11, 2016

Eldred School Board election

Allyson Wagner, Eldred Central School board candidate, you had us at “include local history in the curriculum.”

John and Debra Conway
Barryville, NY

Send in the clowns

I attended the Buckingham Township meeting regarding the proposed Option Agreement for Pipeline Right-of-Way on the O & W Railroad bed on May 1 and spoke during the public comments period, as did many others. As some attendees were leaving the meeting, Chairman Mueller remarked to town attorney Michael Lehutsky that they needed to wait to proceed until all the clowns had left.

So I’m a clown for believing in the democratic process?

So I’m a clown for exercising my constitutional rights?

So I’m a clown for having and expressing my opinions?

My views and opinions may differ from that of Chairman Mueller, but you did not hear me or any of the others denigrating him or the supervisors?

His comment was inappropriate, out of line and unbecoming of an elected township official. A public apology is warranted to rectify this situation.

Margaret Ryan
Starlight, PA

In support of Wagner for school board

It was with great excitement that I listened to Allyson Wagner, candidate for the Eldred Central School (ECS) school board, at the recent meet-the-candidates forum. She spoke with great passion and enthusiasm about the ECS that she had experienced prior to her graduation in 1998. Although she may not understand why ECS declined from an enrollment of 800 students in 1998 to an enrollment of 600 in 2014, she has hope that things can improve.

Vowing to seek solutions other than spending more money, she wants to tap into the energy and knowledge of the community. The school budget increased from $7 million to $16.5 million in those 16 years, and yet many she speaks to in this community know there is a problem. I wholeheartedly endorse Allyson Wagner to continue the process that the voters set in motion last May when they voted to change the board.

Board business will stop being conducted over the phone and through email. Yes, there may be split votes as board members take positions and vigorously defend those positions before the public. Democracy can be uncomfortable at times, but it must be defended at home as our many veterans have defended it overseas. The decision now lies in the hands of the ECS voters. Do not underestimate the importance of this election. Do we move forward or do we maintain the status quo and continue to spiral downward, spending more and educating less? Vote Allyson Wagner.