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Letters to the Editor November 24

November 24, 2015

Shame on you, Sullivan West School Board

The school-related personnel (SRPs, cleaners and anyone else who is not a teacher or administrator) in the Sullivan West Central School District have not had a contract since a year ago July. Most of the board members do not come to the meetings about the contracts. Or they walk in and walk out. It’s funny how the administration all got raises, and their salaries are much, much higher than the SRPs. These people work their behinds off to keep the school clean and safe for the children, and all the SRPs are so important to the daily operation of the school.

The old saying is, the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer. The school board gets voted in. The people on the school board seem to have more important things to do than try and give the SRPs their contract. I feel they have no consideration for what these workers are doing, or care about them. It’s pretty obvious that the superintendent has not shown her face too often either. How disrespectful is that to the workers that she supervises? It’s like saying “the hell with the SRPs.” They are people too, and deserve the same respect as the administration.

The board acts as though the SRPs are beneath them. The entire school board should have to show for these meetings. To me, it seems like they have no interest. Then they should not be on the board. Take your elected job seriously, or get off the board. These workers deserve respect, even if they are low men and woman on the totem pole (because that’s how some of them feel). They deserve the same respect as all others who work at that district. They need their raises. They need their health insurance not to be changed. They need to feel like they matter.

Belinda Davis
Jeffersonville, NY

Support Schneiderman on Internet gambling

Schneiderman deserves our support, particularly from Sullivan County.

Recently, New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman issued cease-and-desist letters to Internet wager sites Draft Kings and Fan Duel, “ordering both companies to immediately stop accepting wagers inside New York.”

His stated reasons are correct and couldn’t be clearer: those wagers are illegal in New York State