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Letters to the Editor November 19

November 18, 2015

Republicans resolve to address climate

U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson has authored, and eleven other Republicans have cosponsored, a resolution on climate change.

They have asked members of Congress to recognize that climate change is occurring and that we must cut carbon emissions. They have acknowledged the science and are leading their party in facing this threat to our economic and environmental health.

We desperately need this leadership. A resolution will not reduce carbon emissions. However, we must recognize the problem before we can address it. Regardless of our political affiliations, regardless of our differing views, we must agree to act to preserve our home. Rep. Gibson is calling us to come together and to act, for the sake of our children’s futures.

Likewise, he is asking his Republican colleagues to take a leap—a leap of faith that the voters will support them. It is up to us to demonstrate to them, and their silent counterparts, that we support rational conservation policies.

Thank you, Rep. Gibson, for recognizing that greater action is required. I urge everyone to thank these 12 representatives and let them know that we support this resolution and the actions that must follow.

We also must now look forward to finding policies that will cut our emissions without crippling our economy. Everyone should consider the revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend. This places a fee on all carbon as it enters our economy, but none of the money is retained by the government. It is rebated, 100%, to all citizens, equally. It cuts emissions, adds jobs, grows the economy and returns money to individuals to cover increased costs of transitioning to renewables.

Whichever policies we ultimately choose, we must start by resolving to act. Representatives Gibson, Stefanik, Hanna and Reed, of New York, along with nine others, have done just that.

Claire Cortright
MidHudson Valley Citizens’ Climate Lobby
Glen Spey, NY

Pleased with adult care center

Human nature being what it is, we are quick to share a negative experience with others, but not so quick when it is something positive. I want to share our experience at the Sullivan County Adult Care Center (SCACC) in Liberty with other residents.

My husband has been at SCACC for close to a year. He originally transferred from another local facility because they had no available long-term beds. I was upset at having to relocate him to SCACC; however, it proved to be the best thing that could have happened for either of us. He is currently in the “Memory Unit” of SCACC and thriving.