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Wedding update Part I

August 13, 2014

A few weeks after I proposed to Emily last August we set a date for our wedding: November 22, 2014. At the time this was 14 months away, which obviously felt like an eternity.
Emily came home with a wedding-planning book, which included a very helpful checklist of things to do based on how far away from the wedding we were—figure out the wedding venue, choose bridesmaids and groomsmen, pick an officiant, send out “save the dates,” design invites, shop for wedding rings. Gradually we began to check things off the list.

We decided that we wanted to have a destination wedding because we both love to travel, and the idea of having all of our family and friends in one foreign place seemed incredibly exciting.

So in early January we arrived in Mexico to check out the Hotel Esencia, where (if we liked it) we would be getting married.

This was the first time I got palpably nervous, waiting at the airport to rent a car, my mind started to spin worst- case scenarios. What if we didn’t like the place? Worse than that, what if one of us liked the place and the other didn’t. There were suddenly so many things that felt like they could go wrong.

Arriving at the hotel was an immediate relief. The place was beautiful, perfect even, with personality and comfort, right on the beach with a view of the ocean that looks like you are inside of a jigsaw puzzle or a corona ad.

While we were there, we met with a photographer and had a meal tasting (two things checked off that pesky list).

The tasting was a blast; each course came in a miniature size of itself for you to try (since you are trying three different menus) and then they bring an actual size for you to see. Imagine three small servings of a salad on a plate and three large salads in front of you.

Emily and I felt like giants as we took photos and noted our favorites.

Walking around the venue I started to be able to actually visualize the wedding for the first time. So we’ll be standing over there. Our families would be over here. We’d eat dinner there. It began to come into focus, though it was still 10 months away, and that’s forever, right?

Compiling the addresses for the “save the dates” was one of the more stressful parts of the process—a fact that was helpfully backed up by Emily’s book. Figuring out who was going to be invited and getting their addresses coordinated was painfully tedious. But address by address the massive Excel spreadsheet started to fill up, and as a few months passed the “save the dates” turned into invitations.