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December 12, 2017
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The Incomplete Angler

A bridge over troubled water

The 2016 fishing season is all but over. The huge issue facing America has not yet been fully settled or resolved. I am speaking, of course of whether fly fishing trumps all other fishing methods. Now that’s power and influence.  Read more

Actions speak louder than words

In my last column, “On Water,” I wrote about the organizations that serve as water guardians and advocates. Environmental institutions may have a great mission statement or structure, but they still need grass-roots’ support and boots on the ground. It always comes down to individuals and “What can I do? How can I help?”  Read more

On water

We now have the most astonishing spacecraft and telescopes probing the far reaches of the universe. The purposes of these probes and explorations are multiple. Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking warned that human existence on Earth for very long was questionable and that, for survival, we have to “reach out to the stars.” In scientists’ explorations of near and deep space, when you boil it down, water is always the Holy Grail.  Read more

Attention to detail

Everything you read in fishing articles these days seems to suggest that “catch and release” is the way to go. After you get your trophy fish to the boat, you remove the hook after a bit of a struggle. Then you photograph it from every conceivable angle. The slippery fish is hard to control as it struggles and maybe you drop the fish in the boat. You retrieve it and slide the barely alive carcass into the water. The fish gives a desperation kick of the tail and disappears into the depth. You think you have done a perfect job releasing that fish. Not so.  Read more

Unblocking the code

Many of us were lucky enough to have some early fishing experiences. Yet, as Robert Frost reminded us, “knowing how way leads on to way” we get sidetracked with “little things.” Little things like getting an education, working, falling in love and having a family. You know, the type of things that can seriously distract you from having more of those great fishing experiences.  Read more

Support your local TU

So far this year fish reports are mixed. What a surprise! We have received reports that the fishing has been great and reports that it has been the worst year yet. Maybe it is a little of both.  Read more

America the beautiful

Independence Day, our great Star Spangled Fourth of July tradition, is a fine time to take special notice of our blessings. Here in the Upper Delaware River Valley the beauty around us abounds throughout the year. The sights, scents and music of nature are our gifts—all we have to do is tune in and be aware.  Read more

Thoughtful fishing = better fishing

After a successful outing on the water, it’s hard not to fall for the misguided belief that “I’m getting pretty good at this fishing game!”

Unless you are targeting sunnies and perch, your next outing may humble you. And don’t think that having more than 60 years’ experience in your creel gives you any immunity. I sure found that out recently.  Read more

What lure for bass?

Justin is a fine young fellow, soon to graduate from high school and thoughtful enough to visit his grandparents upon the event of “Pop-Pop’s” 95th birthday. The momentous occasion somehow left Justin with just enough time to wet a line on Highland Lake. He caught a good pickerel and wondered if it was a record, as it was the largest pickerel he ever saw.  Read more

Our fly-fishing heritage

Somehow it seems strange to me that it was a movie that triggered the amazing growth of fly fishing interest. The movie was, of course, “A River Runs Through It.” Norman Maclean’s novel, on which it is based, is a must read.

Our own Delaware River fly-fishing culture is anchored on both sides of the river. Penn State was the first university to offer courses in fly fishing in the 1930s. A thank you to George Harvey for making that program a fly-fishing treasure.  Read more