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Seven ways to repurpose your wedding dress

By Isabel Braverman

You tried on hundreds of dresses. You picked the perfect one. The big day came and went. Now what?
For women, their wedding dress can be one of the biggest aspects of their wedding. But now that the event is over, chances are your dress is just hanging in your closet. While you might admire it from time to time, maybe there might be another use for it. Listed below are some ideas to repurpose your wedding dress.

Donate to theatre or charity
If you don’t want to put needle and thread to your dress and also want to help a cause, consider donating your gown. Many local theatre companies will gladly take it (to be used in “The Bride of Frankenstein” possibly?). Or there are many charity organizations that will give your donated dress to those in need, such as Brides against Breast Cancer (, which will give dresses to cancer patients.

Christening gown
This requires sewing skills (or sending it to a tailor), but you can take the beautiful white material from your wedding gown and turn it into a Christening gown (possibly the only other type of gown that should be white). It’s a great way to pass on the memory of your wedding dress to your children.

Dye it

While a white gown universally says “wedding dress,” dyeing it a different color and slightly altering it can translate it into a dress for any occasion. Simply buy a bottle of dye, which is inexpensive, in your favorite color and do a DIY dye job.

Quilt or pillow cover
Another way to pass the memory of your wedding dress on to another generation is to use the fabric to make a quilt or to cover pillows. One good idea is to use it as a ring pillow for a relative’s wedding.

Cocktail dress

This one is a more practical approach to wearing a wedding dress once the wedding is over. While you will only wear your wedding dress once, chances are you need a fancy dress for special events on more than one occasion. Again, this will require sewing know-how. Turn your dress into pretty cocktail attire that isn’t too formal.