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December 11, 2017
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Grown Here: A farm-to-table dinner

The Town of Wallkill Boys & Girls Clubs will host Grown Here on Saturday, October 4 with a 5 p.m. social hour and 6 p.m. gourmet, four-course dinner on the banks of Lake Henneside in Circleville Park. The farm-to-table dining experience will highlight dishes curated by four local chefs. Each dish will be carefully crafted utilizing locally grown and locally produced ingredients, and paired with local wines, craft beers, and spirits.  Read more


For fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9), Quark is a funny-looking extraterrestrial who runs Quark’s Bar on the DS9 space station. For physicists, a quark is an elementary particle and fundamental constituent of matter (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quark). For cheesemaker Emily Bryant Montgomery at Calkins Creamery in Wayne County, PA, quark is a “soft, fresh pasteurized cheese that is creamy with a mild tangy taste.” Quark is the German word for ‘fresh curd,’ and it is well loved in Germany and other locales in Europe.  Read more

‘500 Sandwiches’ Free recipes for simple, outside-the-box foods

HORTONVILLE, NY — It started as a small labor of love. Kristofer Prepelica (prep-uh-LEET-sah) wanted to give his brother a one-of-kind birthday gift, the kind that keeps on giving. So he decided to produce a binder of vintage, classic, home-style cooking recipes. The resulting collection of recipes came mostly from recipe booklets published in the late 1940s and early 1950s.  Read more

A farmers’ market is born in Milford

MILFORD, PA — A visit to Milford on any given Sunday has been enriched by the addition of the Milford Farmers’ Market, located in the courtyard of the River Rock Inn. Your senses will come alive as soon as you pass under the wisteria growing above the arbor gate at the entrance to the market, nestled under the shade trees at Second and Ann streets. The first things you will notice are the pleasant sounds of live music, played each week by local musicians who help set a “homegrown” stage for this event.  Read more

Summer is here: How to eat for the warmer season

Memorial Day officially marks the beginning of summer, and as the temperatures soar we make many changes in our lifestyle, from applying sunscreen to wearing shorts. We should also be making changes in what and how we eat. Below are some guidelines to follow to make it a healthy and enjoyable summer.

Warm temps, cool foods  Read more

Battle of the BBQ: What’s your favorite?

Having lived in Kansas City for seven years in my youth, I confess to being partial to Kansas City-style barbeque sauce. Thick and red-brown, it’s a sweet, tomato-based sauce. Too thick for a basting sauce during cooking, it works best applied just before it comes off the grill or as a table sauce. In Kansas City, if you’re a Gates barbeque lover, you’d never eat at Arthur Bryant’s barbeque restaurant, or vice versa (much like a Ford man would never drive a Chevy, or a Pepsi drinker shuns Coke). BTW: You can count me on the Arthur Bryant’s team.  Read more

The dandelion, ever edible

You probably think of dandelions as a pesky weed, but truth be told, they are an eminently edible wild food plant and one of the earliest flowers to blossom in the spring. I have never eaten a dandelion flower, though reportedly they are sweet and mild. Nor have I eaten the root, which according to my research can be eaten raw, steamed, or dried, roasted and ground for a coffee substitute.  Read more

Nutritional healing programs at Western Sullivan Public Library

JEFFERSONVILLE, NY — A series of nutritional healing workshops will be held at the Western Sullivan Public Library in May.

“Hot Topic” will be on Saturday, May 3 from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Delaware Free Branch of the Western Sullivan Public Library in Callicoon. Nurse practitioner and midwife Sheela Porter-Smith will speak about women’s health, from nutrition to lifestyle, and conclude with an optional restorative instruction of yoga and meditation practices. Bring your yoga mat.  Read more

New community garden seeking gardeners

DAMASCUS, PA — The new Galilee Community Garden opens May 15 for any who wish to garden organically. Plots of all sizes are currently available and can be reserved on a first come, first served basis. The garden is on the grounds of the Unity Grange, 544 Galilee Rd. Both experienced and beginning gardeners are invited to apply. Gardeners are asked to agree to practice organic gardening methods, not using chemicals on their plots. A plant exchange will be held Memorial Day weekend.  Read more

Workshop to raise chickens in your backyard with CCE Sullivan

LIBERTY, NY — The public can learn to raise backyard chickens for eggs or meat at a workshop on Tuesday, May 13. Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) Sullivan County staff will offer an educational opportunity from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on the intricacies and mechanics of raising chickens at home. This class will be held at the Gerald J. Skoda Extension Education Center.  Read more

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