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December 12, 2017
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September 2016

The virtue of patience

A few weeks ago during a marathon in Lehigh Valley, a freight train interrupted the race, which caused many runners not to qualify for the Boston Marathon. News outlets showed photos of the frustrated runners literally stopped in their tracks, passing time by running in place waiting for the train cars to pass. Several runners actually jumped over the tracks between cars of the slow-moving freight train, which could have had a terrible outcome for these inpatient runners.  Read more

On second thought: Bullies r us

Bully for the Sullivan County Human Rights Commission and Monticello schools, who have committed to an all-out assault on bullying in our schools. While it remains to be seen what impact this new approach will actually have, it is clear that to succeed, we will need to change our adult-created culture of bullying.  Read more

Letters to the Editor September 29

Save our town: follow our existing laws

Dear neighbors, the Town of Tusten is going through growing pains. Zoning laws are being reviewed and rewritten by very dedicated people of this township. I ask, are zoning laws protecting our neighborhoods now?  Read more

CPV power plant construction should stop

The revelation that the company building the Competitive Ventures Power (CPV) natural gas power plant on I-84 in Orange County has paid $287,000 to a former right-hand man to Gov. Andrew Cuomo sheds new light on the project that has been bitterly opposed by some members of the community for years.  Read more

DV career-tech progresses

WESTFALL PA — The buzz of construction continues in and around the Delaware Valley School District’s Westfall campus. A new high school gymnasium is finished, the old elementary school has been demolished to make way for new parking, and the new Delaware Valley (DV) Elementary School in nearby Matamoras is open under a temporary certificate of occupancy. Now the next step is underway.  Read more

Lumberland budget presented

GLEN SPEY, NY — A cable television franchise bookkeeping error is now expected to all but eliminate any increase in the town portion of residents’ January tax bills, Lumberland Supervisor Jenny Mellan said as she released the town’s tentative 2017 budget on September 14.

Mellan said an audit of Time-Warner Cable (TWC) franchise payments had revealed that the town had received monthly franchise payments of 3% over a six-year period, when the agreement called for 5%. She said the missing 2% amounted to $43,748.  Read more

Changing of the guard; Veterans’ department bids farewell to McDonnnell

HONESDALE, PA — Tom McDonnell, Wayne County’s director of veterans’ affairs for the past 11 years, said good-bye and introduced his successor at the commissioners’ September 22 meeting.

It was an emotional parting. The popular, retired 20-year Marine Corps gunnery sergeant was accompanied by his family.

Commissioners Chair Brian Smith’s voice broke several times as he read McDonnell’s five-paragraphs of a certificate of recognition, which expressed the commissioners’ “sincere gratitude… in recognition of his leadership and dedication to county government and his community.”  Read more

100th anniversary for Shohola school

Shohola Township Supervisor Keith Raser, holding the resolution, is pictured with Pike County commissioners Matt Osterberg, left, Steve Guccini and Rich Caridi. The commissioners approved a resolution of congratulations on September 21, honoring the 100th anniversary of the opening of the former Shohola school. Later renamed the Smith-Nelson School in honor of two of its teachers, the building has served as the township building since the opening of the new Shohola Elementary School in Twin Lakes. The township celebrated the anniversary with festivities on September 24.

Advocating solar for Pike County

MILFORD, PA — Solar energy advocates are trying to make inroads in a region best known for its forested hills, shaded roads and greenery-secluded home sites. But Pike residents, who have also repeatedly voiced complaints about energy prices, have also heard a good deal about sustainable energy, greenhouse gases and global warming.  Read more