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December 17, 2017
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May 2016

Letters to the Editor May 26

A commonsense conclusion

As a taxpayer and builder who has generated hundreds of thousands of new tax dollars for the Town of Tusten, I was happy to see the $300,000 taxpayer-financed Main Street deck-to-nowhere firmly rejected by the contracting community who refused to bid on it. The invisible hand of the free market works in wonderful and mysterious ways.  Read more

Our fellow Americans

I was fortunate enough to attend a barbeque on Sunday, May 15 at Islamberg, a community just upriver from us near Hancock, NY. The barbeque was a wonderful event brought about by unfortunate circumstances. A group called ABUAJ (American Bikers United Against Jihad) planned a ride to protest against the Muslims living at Islamberg in the woods near Hancock.  Read more

Saving the world

It has been agreed by most all scientists (at least, those not in the pay of Exxon-Mobil or the Koch brothers) that human activity has heated planet Earth wantonly by increasing the greenhouse gases in its atmosphere. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) are the two worst culprits. They are produced principally by burning coal for electric power plants, drilling for gas and oil, and using gasoline and diesel fuel for cars, trucks, airplanes and ships. But not far behind on the short list of worst offenders are war and the military preparations for war.  Read more

Embracing the sunshine

In some places in Sullivan County, it’s clear that the county is already home to some large-scale solar installations. The one outside the Travis Building in Liberty, NY, which went online in 2012, generates 49.9 kW of power with 208 panels.

Another system, which was powered up behind the Sullivan County Community College in 2016, cranks out 2.15 MW of electricity with more than 7,000 panels.  Read more

The Addict Next Door: Disappear

[This is Part III of this series, printed on an ad hoc basis, which follows author Vera Moret’s journey into addiction and depression, and her entry into the ongoing process of recovery.]

I began to self-medicate around 2003. Both girls were in school. I worked three days a week and was home the rest of the time. And that’s around the time I started taking tramadol, because I became so depressed during those years that the drinking and the arguing between me and my first husband would get really bad. I would stand in a corner for an hour as he quizzed me on some minor issue that was huge in his mind. I would sit on the couch for hours after this, staring into space and crying. He thought I was exaggerating for sympathy.  Read more

Wayne Memorial’s new Heart & Vascular Center

HONESDALE, PA — Wayne Memorial Hospital’s (WMH)new diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization laboratory, the Heart & Vascular Center at Wayne Memorial Hospital, will officially open June 1.

The lab was granted approval by the PA Department of Health this month. The multi-million dollar investment by WMH grew out of a 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment that pointed to a high need for more cardiology services and particularly for cardiology specialists in Wayne County.  Read more

Here comes the judge

MONTICELLO, NY — Commissioner of Jurors George Cooke and Judge Frank LaBuda shared the courtroom with enthusiastic students from the Eldred Elementary School on May 4, and explained the workings of the court system and the importance of jury service. “Throughout the morning, the students observed some court proceedings and had dozens of good questions,” said LaBuda. In a few years the students will have the opportunity and the privilege of serving as “real” jurors in the jury box, but for now they enjoyed being center stage in the courtroom.

Caterpillar spraying to begin

MILFORD, PA — State-contracted pilots are waiting for “a week of perfect weather,” Kelly Rodemich, Pike’s gypsy-moth-spray-program coordinator, reported to the county commissioners on May 18. Wet weather works with state’s Bt, non-chemical spray, providing a platform for the resulting fungus that kills the caterpillars.  Read more

Café in Callicoon is open

CALLICOON, NY — There’s a new coffee spot in Callicoon. Café Adella Dori opens its doors today, Thursday, May 26, for business. Located at 33 Lower Main St., it offers a full espresso bar, coffee, tea from Tay Tea, house-made baked goods, gluten-free and vegan items from Natural Contents Kitchen, sandwiches with Beach Lake Bakery bread, house-made yogurt and granola, as well as soups and salads made in house.  Read more

Wayne recognizes its deputies

HONESDALE, PA — They don’t patrol the streets, so most people don’t realize the extent of the duties of Wayne County’s deputy sheriffs, Sheriff Mark Steelman noted on May 19 as five of his deputies received service pins from the county commissioners for their years on the job.  Read more