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Clear sky, light snow
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December 14, 2017
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January 2016

Sloan Wainwright w/Special Guests Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt

February 20, 2016

RiverFolk Concerts presents Sloan Wainwright at The Cooperage, 7pm. Slaon demonstrates her easy command of a variety of American musical styles, pop, folk, and blues, held together by the melodious tone of her rich contralto, with the end result being a unique and soulful hybrid. Sweet & Savory Snacks. BYOB.

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Making a community: Hurleyville Maker’s Lab next step in Main Street Initiative

HURLEYVILLE, NY — The Hurleyville Maker’s Lab had a soft opening on Monday night, becoming another part of The Center for Discovery’s Main Street Initiative. The initiative, according to John Conway, director of development at the center, aims to “bring back the community, so there is a place for the residents and visitors to interact, recreate, and to carry on their lives.”  Read more

Six fresh new ways to enjoy potatoes

Potatoes are the vegetable that take breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to the next level of yum. They are quick to disappear but also quick and easy to buy, prepare and serve. Not only are potatoes uber satisfying, but research published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition also shows that when prepared healthfully, they can be a part of a weight loss program. If you’re looking for flavorful and nutritious dishes that can be part of your weight management plan this new year, then look no further.  Read more

Fundraiser for a community man

LAKE HUNTINGTON, NY — The Whitehouse family had been in Maui for only eight hours when George had a stroke in his brainstem. It happened before dawn, and fortunately he was awakened by the symptoms and made it to the hospital before he lost consciousness.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

We were very lucky: no snow. My sister, who lives in Queens, got over two feet, and my oldest brother, Johnny, who lives on Long Island, said he had drifts over five feet. Tommy’s sister, who also lives in Queens, called me today, upset because she and her neighbor had a fight. She shoveled her car out and the neighbor was using a snow blower and blew it all back on her car. My niece had to step in and play referee. I used to hate that—when you clean your spot and someone came and took it. I can assure you their car was not cleared for long.  Read more

Judith Skier Brown

Judith Skier Brown passed away peacefully at home Tuesday morning. She is survived by her husband, Dr. David Brown and her three children, Martha Brown Zuckman, Sarah Brown Goldstein, Douglas Skier Brown; sons-in-laws, Dr. Brett Zuckman and Mr. Eli Goldstein; her sister Susan Sawyer; brother-in-law Jerald Sawyer; sister-in-law, Muriel Brown; and by her beloved dog, Rawley.

Judy loved being with her family, baking, gardening, entertaining and playing golf. She was loved dearly by her family and friends and will be greatly missed by all.  Read more

Wi-Fi available here

Did you play the Powerball during the recent billion dollar frenzy? I know I sure did; heck, we all did, and we lived for a few short days dreaming of what we would do with the winnings. One of the things I know I would do with my winnings is to buy New Jersey Transit Wi-Fi for all its train cars. All the local bodegas and convenience stores in Manhattan advertise “Wi-Fi available here!” as if while we were buying milk, or the morning paper, or a Powerball ticket, we would dare risk not being connected for those few short moments.  Read more

Cuomo’s distorted view of the dairy industry

“We began in 2011 with our partnership to stimulate dairy production through our Greek yogurt industry expansion and it has worked.... our dairy industry is booming because the yogurt companies are consuming all the milk we’re producing. It has been a great victory and an important lesson, and besides having some cows suffering sore udders, it has been a great, great success.”

So said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in his 2016 State of the State address.  Read more

Be wary of solar farm leases

The solar revolution has arrived in Sullivan County in a blizzard of paper. In recent weeks thousands of Sullivan County landowners have received solicitations from a company called Cypress Creek, which is seeking to lease land for solar farms. Some landowners contacted the company and received boilerplate leases that offer $1,000 an acre a year for leased land. On the face of it, this might sound like a good deal—but in this instance, the devil is truly in the details.  Read more

Does a $15 minimum wage make sense?

The fight to establish a $15 minimum wage for entry-level workers, specifically fast-food workers, has grown larger over the recent weeks. Organizations such as “Fight for $15” have tried to spread the word about the fight for an increase in the minimum wage established by the federal government. Supporters claim that people need more money to back themselves. The opposing side argues that people working entry-level jobs with little skill and education do not deserve a wage that high.  Read more