Broken clouds, light snow
Broken clouds, light snow
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December 13, 2017
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March 2015

John W. Moser Sr.

John W. Moser, Sr. passed away peacefully on March 22, 2015, in Medford Care Center, Medford, NJ at the age of 93.

John was born on May 13, 1921, in Bethlehem, PA. He served in the U.S. Army Air Force during WWII, serving in various areas, including the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. He lived in Milanville, PA for many years and later in Inverness, FL for 26 years. Before retiring, he worked as a laborer in the Sullivan, NY area as a member of the Laborers’ International Union of North America. He spent the last year of his life living with his daughter and son-in-law in Marlton, NJ.  Read more

Dancing snow devils

Pausing as I step out of the front door, looking up through the barren trees, the cerulean blue of the morning sky peeks at me. The word “cerulean” is derived from the Latin caelum, meaning heaven. Upon crisp mornings like this, it is heaven I am viewing for sure. The long, harsh winter is slowly losing its grip on us. Patches of the promise of spring can be seen through the snow as the earth awakens from its slumber. There is no doubt that the spring in my morning step these days is due to the earlier dawning of the morning light.  Read more

A war we can’t afford to lose

I am the constable of Mount Pleasant Township in Northern Wayne County, and have been a professional EMS provider for over 38 years, including work in New York City.

At one time I was an instructor for programs geared to allow EMTs, police and firemen the ability to administer drugs to emergency patients with certain illnesses. Pilot programs were done to see if we could render treatment prior to the arrival of paramedics. After successful clinical trials, this is now done all over the country. Thousands of lives have been saved because of early intervention.  Read more

Report highlights fracking’s dirty record

A new Environment New York report (see highlights fracking’s dirty track record. The analysis of the oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania shows that all types of gas fracking companies are prone to infractions of environmental and public health protections. Over a nearly four-year period, the top 20 violators of regulations included Fortune 500 companies, mom-and-pop operators, and even companies like Chevron that tout their green records.  Read more

Trade pact undermines U.S. sovereignty

Buying local and U.S. products helps our farmers, our workers, and transport costs. How would you like being told that buying local is no longer a choice?  Read more

Kudos to Eileen Hennessy

I would like to thank Eileen Hennessy, the writer of the “Lake Huntington News” column in your paper. With all that is going on in her life, she still manages to write a very interesting and informative column. She keeps everyone informed on the happenings in the area; how often we would likely forget an event if it were not mentioned in Eileen’s column. Not only does she remind us, but there’s not one charitable organization that she does not in some manner participate.  Read more

Stand up publicly

In my mailbox I recently found the third in a series of slick political flyers entitled “Highland Highlights,” which purports to be “news for the 99%”—whomever they are. The flyer bears the masthead “Taxpayers United For Fairness,” which is abbreviated as “T.U.F.F.” They advertise their mission as “providing a local alternative voice for the majority of the citizens of Highland.” The flyer was filled with critical invective directed primarily at Supervisor Andy Boyer, with glancing shots taken at Zoning Board of Appeals Chair Larry Fishman and returning assessor Lori King.  Read more

A language is not a belief

Recently, Pine Bush High School sparked controversy after the Pledge of Allegiance was recited in Arabic at a school assembly during National Foreign Language Week. Students quickly became divided as they posted angry Tweets about the incident. When the news broke, it sparked further furor. Chief among the criticisms seems to be that the reading is conceived as an insidious piece of Muslim propaganda. Amidst the storm, the school issued an apology.  Read more

Forestry chief to address UDC banquet

BEACH LAKE, PA — Pennsylvania’s new chief forester will deliver the keynote address on April 26 as the Upper Delaware Council (UDC) renews its annual recognition of those who have enhanced the quality of life or protected the resources of the river valley at the council’s 27th annual banquet and awards ceremony.  Read more

Volunteers, veterans and ticks in Pike

MILFORD, PA — With declining numbers of volunteers, Pike County has decided to engage professional marketers to get new ones and keep the ones now staffing its fire departments and ambulance squads.  Read more