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February 2015

Be prepared

The Boy Scouts of America celebrated their 105th anniversary this past February 8. As an Eagle Scout and the father of an Eagle Scout, I embrace many of the teachings of the Scouts, especially its motto: “Be Prepared!” These two simple words have always stuck with me and have helped me in many ways to always have Plan B in the back of my head, just in case things don’t go as planned—which often they don’t.  Read more

An alternative citizenship test

It’s not often you’ll hear me approving of news out of Arizona. The state that gave us Evan Meacham and Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not usually thought of as a birthplace for interesting ideas. But they’ve recently introduced a new requirement: to graduate from high school, all students must pass a civics test similar to the one given those seeking naturalized citizenship.
At first glance, I like the concept very much. Americans’ general ignorance of the way their system works is legendary, and anything that encourages greater civic awareness is a good thing in my book.  Read more

Letter to Senator Schumer

Good morning, Senator. I am a business owner and sit on the Town of Tusten board. I watch Fox News every night and I can’t say how strongly I oppose the fact that our President is attempting to allow illegal aliens not only to become citizens illegally, he also wants to allow them to have access to Social Security and Medicare.  Read more

Stop work on Milford compressor station

I attended the hearing regarding the construction of the Milford compressor station, and it was obvious that there was overwhelming resident input that favored using electric engines instead of the proposed 9,400 horsepower natural gas version. It was clear to me that the public was demanding electric instead of gas due to the emission of harmful pollutants that will impact public health and area air quality.  Read more

TPP: A gift to multinational corporations?

As perhaps one of his last truly significant actions while in office, President Barack Obama would very much like Congress to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, which officials and multinational corporate representatives have been working on since 2008. The agreement would cover the United States, Australia, Japan and nine other Pacific Rim countries.  Read more

Tax exempt status bill concerns DV

WESTFALL, PA — A new law being considered in Harrisburg might strip state courts of the authority to determine the qualifications for tax-exempt status and assign it to the state legislature. Opponents say Senate Bill 4, already approved by the Senate, could result in exemption decisions based on politics, rather than qualifications of the applicant.  Read more

Time flies when you’re havin’ fun

HONESDALE, PA — After reviving the recognition of Wayne voters with lengthy uninterrupted readings of voting records, the Wayne County Commissioners realized they had never recognized the county’s senior employees.  Read more

Shohola seeks input on commercial zoning

SHOHOLA, PA — Shohola Township supervisors are advertising for resident participation from interested individuals at the next general meeting on March 12 at 7:30 p.m. While no changes have been made to the zoning map since 2009, there are approximately a half dozen properties that are currently under consideration for rezoning from residential to commercial in an effort to increase revenue and jobs in the area. These properties are primarily along either Route 6 or Twin Lakes Road. As well as receiving feedback on these properties, the supervisors are open to suggestions for other possible commercial locations. The meeting will be held in the township building at 159 Twin Lakes Rd.  Read more

Police presence recommended for Sullivan West

LAKE HUNTINGTON, NY — Sullivan West Central School District Superintendent Dr. Nancy M. Hackett announced at the district’s February 19 Board of Education meeting that the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) Committee recommends that the district hire a full-time school resource officer (SRO) for its Jeffersonville and Lake Huntington campuses. SROs are Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department officers with special training in school-related policing.  Read more

New Pike tourism guide & map coming soon

MILFORD, PA — Spring can’t be far away, because the seventh annual “Pike County Visitors Guide & Map” is now in production.  Read more